Academic Writing Rates 2017: An Independent Investigation

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The number of academic writing services is really stunning. On the web you can find myriads of companies claiming they can quickly solve all your writing and editing assignments but let’s face the truth, are they really all that good? We made a small independent research digging the topic of academic writing rates that is one of the most important conditions for the student while selecting the service. Nowadays as students more inclined to combine wok and studying it is obvious why they more and more ask online services to care about their essays, thesises, dissertations and lab reports. The time for confusion starts as soon as one puts the search term into the browser, – that’s when the endless list of services pops up and it becomes difficult to figure out which one will be good for you.

How to Choose an Academic Writing Service?

The cost for your academic paper writing will depend on various factors:

  • Turnaround time
  • Volume (typically counted per word or per page)
  • Company of freelancer
  • Language
  • Paper type
  • How difficult is your text (Undergraduate, Masters, Phd, etc.)

Irrespective of all above-mentioned factors any decent company’s writing must correspond to the particular writing standards of quality. As a rule, the thesis is getting reviewed by the editor with specialization in your discipline. If there’s an information available pay attention of how many dissertations/essays the company has already written this will give you kind of guarantee on quality and reliability of work, if there’s a chance don’t miss out the testimonials too. When it comes to the editing abilities of the certain company make sure the best native speaking specialists are enlisted. The guidelines for the majority of universities report that overall 10-20% marks award for academic assignments are counting in your good command of English. However, this is not a single condition, the sentence flow itself should be smooth and the academic tone is impeccable so that it could be well assessed by your grading professor.

academic writing rates comparison

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It is perfect if the writing company features former university members and can show off such people among editors so don’t be shy to ask your company of it has such highly qualified people on board. If you faced the necessity to write the paper using your second language that one might be even more challenging because it’s difficult to keep up with academic standards and you will spend more time translating specific abbreviations and notions. If you’ve managed to find cheap writing services that can correspond to all the mentioned standards consider you’re lucky one!

Some companies in order to retain their clients and find new ones offer additional services or second-time-purchase discounts, here are mentioned bonuses that some academic writing online services provided in 2017:

  • Adjusting the document to specific format (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, etc.)
  • Editing and fixing the text academic tone
  • Fixing grammar and style (for editing)
  • Reducing other sentence flaws (repetitions and irrelevant information)
  • Presentation
  • Transcription of the thesis
  • Free samples

The majority of ghostwriting rates in 2017 were not exceeding the maximum level of 18$ per page for the master’s level, if you hire freelancers the ghostwriting fees can drop a bit but in this case it is better to know the freelancer personally, otherwise be ready to take risks that the writer will not be able to meet the deadline you set as he or she operates independently. That’s where it becomes difficult to figure out which one will be good for you.

Is There Cheapest Essay Writing Service?

When it comes to magic combination of “cheap” and “quality” notions we are used to idea that is is almost impossible. Let’s take a look to the comparison table how essay writing services are different in terms of rates.

As can be seen from the essay writing rates 2017 the cheap writing service can charge approximately $128, and the maximum price level reaches around $169. The table suggests counting price with such conditions: the word count – 1000 words this takes four A4 pages, and urgency is 24 hours and the level of writing we take – the masters degree. If you need the paper to be written for the undergraduate or high school levels you can expect significant price reduction whereas for higher levels like PhD it will be notably higher.

Research results including essay writing services rates.

academic writing rates essay 2017

The writing rates 2017 for the research paper vary between $127 and $169 so that would be right to say they’re almost equal with mentioned prices for essays. The table suggests same counting: the word count – 1000 words four (A4 pages), and urgency is 24 hours and the level of writing the masters degree. If you need the paper to be written for the undergraduate and high school level you can expect significant price reduction whereas for higher levels like PhD it will be higher. Most of the sites have the price calculator so you can count your price for your amount of pages. If you’re bothered with question “who can write my essay cheap?” you can definitely get some help from top writing services online.

Research results including research paper writing services rates.

cheapest essay writing service 2017

The writing rates table for the case study 2017 suggests us prices that start from $125 and reach up to $169. The conditions are pretty much the same: 1000 words four (A4 pages), and urgency time 24 hours, the level of writing is the masters degree. For the research paper writing, obviously, there’s an option to choose cheap research paper writing that can save your time and efforts.

Research results including case study writing services rates.

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In case you stumbled across decent and cheap case study writing service you can consider yourself lucky. Thesis writing rates for 2017 in this table seem smaller, however, notice that we lowered the urgency to 1 week (7 days) so the turnround will not be that fast. Other conditions we left without changes: 1000 words four (A4 pages) for master’s level thesis.

As you might know, the thesis or a dissertation consists approximately of 130-150 pages and only your college or university regulates what volume of thesis for your particular institution. So if you take the time span of 14 days (the maximum) for your master’s thesis writing, and the number of pages=130 you can expect that the whole purchase will empty your wallet for no less than $2.000 Remember also that even if companies claim that they will be able to finish your dissertation in few days and they ready to start right away don’t expect the highest quality from such work as you always need to leave additional time for papers that demand intense work and research. If you faced the trouble of finding a great and quick dissertation proposal writing service you can ask us and see how better our rates are compared to other services.

Research results including dissertation/thesis writing services rates.

ghostwriting rates 2017

Writing services make catchy adds and work conditions to attract the potential customers and that is natural. The amount marketing tricks they use reaches over the top but choosing the one is not a rocket science, you need to make sure the service has 2 important features essential for the academic paper writing – quality standards and reliability.

Don’t know where to find the best academic writing rates? We can show you the best place online!