The Best Resume Tips to Amaze and Astonish

tips for writing a resume online

The Best Resume Writing Tips Are Here

Few things are as crucial to your job application success as your resume or a CV. As a professional and a good worker, you’ll be using your resume to show employers that you’re worth the time it will take to interview you and talk to you. This will be your only chance of making an impact in those first crucial seconds.

Tips for Writing a Resume

So how can you stand out? These tips will help you to produce the best work and make you a stronger candidate. These ten great “dos” for writing an amazing resume will help you catch the eye of a recruiter or hiring manger.

  • Do avoid getting too worried about the one-page rule. If you have a lot of experience, it’s generally acceptable to run to two pages.
  • Do get creative. Using templates is fine, but customize them a bit. It makes you stand out and look unique. You want to catch people’s eye and make them take notice, so use a little color and subtle interesting design elements to create visual intrigue. This is a great way of showing that you’re creative.
  • Do use action verbs to describe your activities and responsibilities. “Worked” is a weak verb. “Collaborated with” is a strong verb. Create a good impression with the right verbs.
  • Do remember to include locations for your previous employment. Employers expect to see it.
  • Do use summary qualifications or profiles. These give your employers something quick to skim over to see if you’re qualified for what they want.
  • Do emphasis transferable skills. This is helpful particularly if you’re a new employee without much experience, or if you’re transferring fields.
  • Do list sports if you’re a new grad or in college. Employers know that athletes work hard, so they expect your values to be high and your drive to succeed to be strong.
  • Do include contact info, but not too much. Website or LinkedIn, one phone number, one email address, and a street address are generally sufficient. The ever-present threat of identity theft means you should keep it to just the necessities.

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Things to Avoid while Writing a Resume

These eight “don’ts” will make you less employable and decrease your chances of getting a callback, so avoid them for success.

  • Don’t make your resume over two pages. Compress earlier jobs and avoid unimportant details if your resume runs to three or more pages.
  • Don’t lie. This should be obvious, but it’s a blunder that far too many people make. Be able to back up everything you put in your resume.
  • Don’t use personal pronouns “I, me, my”. You’ll be writing in a generally pronounless style: “Created 10% increase in business”, for instance.
  • Don’t put your accomplishments as “responsible for” “duties” or “in charge of”. These things describe your job, not your accomplishments. And avoid resume cliches.
  • Don’t forget to proofread carefully. Your professional future is riding on this, and you want to look polished and competent, not slapdash.
  • Don’t list anything you did in high school unless you’re a teenager. If you’re twenty or above, your hiring manager probably doesn’t care what you did in high school.
  • Don’t emphasize your oldest experience. If you’ve got work from fifteen years ago, you can safely leave it bare-bones unless you really need it. Concentrate more on the most recent jobs.
  • Don’t include your height, weight, age, date or place of birth, social security number, sexuality, gender, or anything that could be considered controversial. Your employer doesn’t need to know any of these things, and you could risk identity theft or unreasonable rejection if you list them.

Get a Great Resume

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