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Title – What caused the Piper “A” effect

“ …. And so to summarise the facts. On July the 8th, 1988, a series of events occurred which led to the complete destruction of the largest single oil producing platform in the UK sector of the North Sea. A complete branch of the oil pipeline network was shut off and without an export route numerous other installations were shut down for over a year. The estimated cost of the incident was 10 billion pounds. 187 men were lost, some never recovered, and numerous others were left mentally and physically scarred for life. The platform owners and operators, Occidental petroleum, went bankrupt. The Piper “A” effect was an absolute worst case scenario in the science of safety and loss prevention, but what were the causes?

Almost 30 years after that fateful night it is possible to look back with a less biased eye than was used at the time. Most people involved in the industry at the time, particularly in Aberdeen, the heart of North Sea Oil production, jumped to their own defence. Something like this could never happen to them, their company was too good to let people die like that …..”

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