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Title – The Competition

“ …. So this was what it all came down to. This would be the last time I would face my nemesis, on a sports field or in the classroom. This was not just the last hole on the golf course, it was the last hole of a rivalry that had lasted seven years. From classroom to football pitch to swimming pool, this was the boy who was always that few percentage points above me, a yard faster to the ball, that fingertip touch ahead of me. School was over and our examination results had been good. We would both be going away to university soon, me to Glasgow, him in London, something grand sounding with Imperial in the name. A healthy and friendly rivalry most would say, not if you always come second I would reply. To be honest I hated the guy. He beat me in class, at games, with girls, he even starting shaving and driving before me. This was it then, my last chance to have a victory of my own, and more importantly, watch him have to swallow the silver medal for once ….”

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