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Title – Snowfall and rainfall

“ ….. in fact the start and end points of both types of precipitation are not just similar, they are identical. Moisture is absorbed into the atmosphere in a warm location, moves to another colder area, the moisture is discharged and dissipates via rivers to the ocean. The big contrast of course between snow and rain is not the end points; it is what happens in between.

The difference in human emotions that is brought about by rainfall versus snowfall is universally gloomy against upbeat. Rain is noisy and comes at you too fast; you cannot avoid the stress it brings. It spoils a day out, driving your car, a game of golf. You cannot get a day off work because it is raining, there is no point going out, it messes up your satellite signal. Rain almost exclusively leaves people feeling depressed or disappointed, and it makes the world look gloomy. Snow on the other hand is quiet and sometimes falls so slowly you feel like you can dodge the flakes. Snow is a gentle antidote to the tedium of a long winter. For the often brief time that it stays with us, snow can turn a scrap heap into a landscape garden, the golf course into a paradise for kids with sledges. No matter what our age, snow almost exclusively makes people want to go out and play …. ”

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