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Title – Are The People Behind The Oscars Racist?

“ In recent weeks the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, the group of largely unknown individuals that decide who gets an Oscar each year, has been making the news itself. The lack of nominations for awards to African American performers over the past couple of years, has resulted in a boycott of this year’s ceremony by some top echelon stars, plus a chorus of accusations of biased and racist judging. The intention of this essay is to examine the question and use hard facts to show that the people behind the Oscars are not racist, in fact quite the opposite is true.

Almost exactly 52 years ago Sidney Poitier walked up to the stage of the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles and became the first African American to win an Oscar. It was 15 years ago that Halle Berry crossed the same line for the ladies with her best actress award, and only in 2013 did Steve McQueen get the really big one, best picture and best director for “12 years as a slave”. Around those golden years there have been many other African American nominees and winners, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Denzel Washington and Jennifer Hudson coming to mind. Not to mention the hundreds of nominees and award winners in the less glamorous categories such as costume, screenplay, cinematography or music. The myth of bias ….”

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