Funniest Resume Ever or Did People Actually Write That

funniest resume examples

Benefits of Funny Resume

The job search process is grinding. Sometimes it can feel like all the joy is being sucked slowly out of you. Each new rejection brings a new level of despair and sadness. You find yourself wondering how you can ever possibly enjoy anything because you get so stressed over whether or not you’ll be able to find that job you really need right now. Well, we’re here with good news for you.

Funny Resume Examples

These funny resume examples and stories will cheer you up again and remind you that, all things considered, it could be much worse. These five resume examples from Buzzfeed show you how bad things can get. Avoid these mistakes, read some of the best resume tips and you’ll be well on your way to success!

  • One young woman attached a picture of Nicolas Cage instead of her resume and cover letter to an employer email.
  • A man listed himself as “Devilishly handsome” and “the BEST”, and noted that he was good at “Faxing numbers and shit? MOTHERFLIPPING CHECK ALL OVER THAT”. Other skills included killing a hawk with a ninja star once and the ability to solve a Rubix cube (which he offered to bring along to demonstrate).
  • One gentleman seeking employment listed himself as “have brave to fight a wild bear”,
    “have strong arm to lift to wild bear” and “am so fast more than train”.
  • Another resume listed its writer as having “cat-like reflexes”, “possible ESP”, and being “not bad at ‘sexy’ dancing”. Other qualifications: “Horse-like laugh (optional)” and “emits pleasant aroma(s)”.
  • A gentleman by the name of Troy’s resume consisted of a handwritten note: “I HAVE BACHELOR’S DEGREE, GIVE JOB.”

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Employers Tell Their Stories

These employers have shared their horrifying, hilarious, and just plain weird resume experiences on Reddit, and we bring you the best.

One employer got a resume with a note at the bottom which read, “I am very trustworthy, you can ask ne of my mates!!!!!”

Another man has been hiring people since 1995 and saving the best of the applications they’ve received. Some humdingers:

  • “Bachelorette degree in computers”
  • “Please let me know if I can omit you in any way”
  • “Ecellent typist, great sppeed and accuracy. 756 wpm.”
  • “Married, eight children. Prefer frequent travel”
  • “It’s best for employers that I not work with people.”
  • “I am very detail-oreinted.

Another employer shares two stories. One is of a man who listed his skill in debate. He said, “I’m excellent at debating various issues, as evidenced by the fact that I constantly win arguments with my girlfriend.” Another man used 24-pt Star Trek font for his entire resume.

One employee wrote the resume as a play. It included three acts and was not for a playwriting job.

A candidate wrote “Strong work ethic, attention to detail, team player, self-motivated, attention to detail.” We hope that this was a test of the employer, but the hiring manager was unimpressed if so.

An employer said he once had a guy list every accomplishment he’d made in his life from first grade onward. This included second place in fourth-grade spelling bee, third place in fifth-grade math competition, and an honorable mention in a fifth grade charity drive.

One mother filled out most of the application for her child; she picked up and dropped off the application and called wondering why they didn’t get the job.

One candidate wrote an 8-page resume. Only three pages of this included work experience and professional qualities. According to the hiring manager who received it, the other five pages were about her personality and how quirky she was.

Find a Better Resume

Your ultimate end goal is to be hired. You don’t want to end up on one of these lists! So create a great resume that shows your strengths and which is carefully proofread. Showcase your strengths in a concrete way. You will be much better off than any of these poor unfortunates, so it’s always a good idea to hire cheap resume writing services.

If you’re more interested in ending up hired than on a list as the funniest resume, contact us now and get professional tips!