Say No-No to These Resume Clishes

resume phrases to avoid list

Why Not to Use Resume Phrases to Avoid

What’s the problem with common resume phrases? Aren’t they traditional? After all, the fact that a lot of people use them doesn’t mean they’re meaningless, does it? Sad to say, it does. Resume clichés are the bane of hiring managers. Tired old phrases like “guru” and “results-driven” tell them nothing that hasn’t been said a dozen times. There’s no concrete meaning behind these phrases, and no way to know whether or not they’re true. If you want to have a hope of standing out, you need to use unique language that makes a real impact. Be creative and specific – you’ll be so much more hireable.

What to Avoid In a Resume

According to a CareerBuilder survey, these ten words are the absolute worst to use in a resume.

It’s not that these aren’t great things to be. All of them are important qualities. It’s just that hiring managers have seen all of them dozens of times before. Anyone can say they’re a team player, but there’s simply no way to back it up. Remember what we said before: your resume should stand out and show that you’re unique to not be one of the resume failures. You should be striving for creative and demonstrative language that makes an impact without being too obnoxious.

  • Best of breed
  • Go-getter
  • Think outside of the box
  • Synergy
  • Go-to person
  • Results-driven
  • Team player
  • Hard worker
  • Strategic thinker
  • Detail-oriented

To be more broad, meaningless adjectives and descriptors are unhelpful. It’s fine that you’re creative and results-oriented, but instead of saying that, you should show it. In fact, build your resume along the common principle: “show, don’t tell”. Make your work experience the highlight of your resume, and talk about your accomplishments in detail. Don’t just say you were “responsible” for something – explain how you improved it. You can even add graphs and visuals if you like. Anything that shows your experience, rather than talking about it, is going to increase your credibility.

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Resume Tips from an Expert

According to David Yates, you should always put a desired job title at the top of your resume. When employers search resume databases, they search by job titles and then add specific keywords. If you have both the job title and the keywords, your resume will be among the first to appear, giving you an edge on the competition.

It’s also important to use language that catches the attention of recruiters. How can you do this? Well, the best way is to look at your customer. That is to say, find job postings that fit the job you want. Get at least six; this will give you a more complete understanding of the field. Then, take those six postings and boil the keywords down to a single document. Find things that are repeated often among the six; find qualities that are emphasized in specific posts.

Use these keywords to create a document that reflects the needs of your employers. You’ll incorporate the keywords into your work experience and summary. This shows two things: firstly, that you’re suitable for the position, but secondly and equally importantly, that you can analyze employer needs and use your experience to showcase relevant qualities only. You’ll be showing off your research and analysis skills, and those are crucial for all types of jobs.

Additionally, in CareerBuilder’s survey they found that employers liked to see these ten terms:

  • Achieved
  • Improved
  • Trained/Mentored
  • Managed
  • Created
  • Influenced
  • Increased/Decreased
  • Negotiated
  • Launched
  • Under budget

Use them to create a positive impression about the tangible results you’ve created at your previous workplaces. Use concrete facts and figures – if you created a 10% uptick in sales, say so – to show the ways that you’ve been an asset in your career. You want employers to understand that you have made measurable improvements for other people, and that you will do the same for them. All the adjectives in the world can’t match a good description of the things you’ve done. That’s the picture that’s worth a thousand words.

The Importance of a Great Resume

Your resume is your one and only chance to show an employer something about yourself before interviews. Use the opportunity to stand out. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in language that tells the hiring manager nothing about your personality. Show your competency and creativity in an easy-to understand way, with demonstrations and tangible facts. Make hiring a cheap writing service your obvious choice.

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