Resume Failures: Why Was My Resume Rejected?

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How Can a Resume Lose Business?

Not getting the job offers you deserve? There might be a reason for that. Even if you’re a great candidate, you need a resume that really showcases your skills. Your resume is your chance to make a first impression, and if it’s not good, your chances are gone. So how can you make your resume stronger? Check out our tips and find out why you might be getting the short shrift from employers.

Why Resume Rejection Happens

You’re a strong candidate. You have experience, a great school record, or a lot of valuable talents. So why aren’t you getting those callbacks? You might be making one of these mistakes.

Proofread your resume and make sure that you haven’t made the following mistakes:

  • Including personal info: Your hobbies, age, social security number, gender, sexuality, or religion don’t have a place on your resume. In fact, it’s illegal for your employers to ask most of these.
  • Not proofreading: Typos are unprofessional and make you look careless. Not an impression you want to give a potential employer.
  • Too much text: Cramming all the info in you can? Cut it out and only keep what’s most important. Leave plenty of white space and be brief.
  • Poor organization: If there’s no storyline, employers won’t be able to skim your resume quickly and easily, which is what they like to do.
  • Using personal pronouns: You won’t be using ‘I’ or ‘he’ or ‘she’ in your resume.
  • An unprofessional email address: Stop applying as It looks like you couldn’t go to the effort of coming up with a more professional email address.
  • Poor design choices: Too many fonts, fonts that are too fancy, or a hectic and crammed design will give your potential employer a headache.
  • Buzzwords: “Creative”? “A team player”? Those are great things to be. But prove them – show, don’t tell.

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Avoid Interview Rejection Mistakes

So how can you avoid these mistakes? Here are the things you should do to build a strong resume instead of a weak one.

  • Cut the personal stuff: Just leave out anything that’s not directly related to your professional experience. No employer cares about your hobbies, and your personal information should stay private for safety reasons.
  • Get someone to look it over: It’s easy to miss your own typos. Have someone come and take a peek for you. They’ll be able to catch what you couldn’t.
  • Keep it sleek: As previously stated, plenty of white space is crucial for making a resume easy to skim. You’re allowed to write like a newspaper headline on a resume. Take advantage of that.
  • Tell a story: You don’t have to organize in reverse chronological order, although it’s a great option. You can list your work experience in order of most to least responsibility, for instance. But whatever you do, make sure there’s a clear storyline.
  • Avoid pronouns: “Collaborated with”, not “I collaborated with” or “she collaborated with”. Easy fix – just take out the pronouns.
  • Get the right email: It only takes a few minutes to change the impression that you give. No more kitttykattz – make it
  • Make it simple: Keep the body font a plain sans-serif one, and avoid using more than one or two header fonts. They should all be simple and easy to read. A little color is fine and makes you stand out, but limit yourself to one or two simple, conservative color choices. Know what is the difference between resume and CV.
  • Be specific: Use quantifiable, specific language that shows what you’ve done for previous employers in concrete terms.

No More Resume Failures

You deserve to be a success. You’ve got the skills, the experience, or the knowledge to make a definite contribution in the workplace. Everyone has something unique to add to a position. So make sure that your resume shows off how you can do that. Now go and make yourself a great candidate with the help of affordable resume service.

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