Avoid These Resume Mistakes to Be on Top

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Why Avoid Mistakes in Resume

The importance of your resume can’t be overstated. As an employee, you have a wealth to contribute to any employer. However, the job market is tough, so you need to show that quickly and clearly with no messing around. Your resume is the only chance to do that in your first impression. You need to make it count. How do you do so? Here are our tips.

Common Resume Mistakes

These resume mistakes are incredibly common and can easily lose you the job or make it to the funniest resume lists. You can’t afford to make them, so read carefully and avoid them.

Proofread your resume right now to check that there are no:

  • Typos: In this day and age, there’s simply no excuse for spelling errors and grammar mistakes. They make you look unprofessional and careless. 58% of employers identified typos as their main reason for turning a candidate down.
  • Incorrect info: Putting the wrong phone number or job title down can be fatal. Make sure all your information is correct; you can look sloppy or even deceitful if you don’t.
  • A lie: This seems like it should be obvious, but always tell the truth on your resume. You’ll certainly be found out if you don’t.
  • Having only one standard resume: You should tailor your resume to every single job you apply to. Sometimes that’s as simple as changing a few key words; sometimes it involves removing irrelevant job positions or reworking the resume. 36% of employers said that generic resumes were one of the biggest errors they saw.
  • Overly elaborate formatting: You want your format to be clean, simple, and attractive. Don’t go over the top, and make sure everything aligns properly.
  • Vagueness: Be specific about your accomplishments. Your employers will be much more attentive to particular achievements than generalities.
  • Omitting precise dates: If you leave out dates, it looks suspicious, like you’re covering something up. Make sure you’re exact about your employment history.
  • Worrying too much about length: The one-page rule isn’t as hard and fast as you think it is. It’s fine to run to two pages if you have a long employment history. However, do avoid detail about employment from more than fifteen years ago – it simply won’t be relevant.

Cheap Resume Writing Services Steps

Get Help from Experts in Resume Writing

These five tips come from professional resume writer Don Goodman. His firm was voted #1 resume writing service in 2013, so clearly he’s doing something right! Follow his advice and you can be too.

  • Put yourself in the employer’s shoes: Look at multiple job listings and consider the kinds of things that your industry requires. Now look at this specific job and consider what the hiring manager will be looking for. Use that to tailor your resume.
  • Focus on crucial skills: Avoid irrelevant information in your resume. Instead, focus on the skills that are most important to this job. It doesn’t matter how well you type if you’re applying for a management job that won’t include clerical work, so eliminate that from your skills list.
  • Update regularly: Keep your resume up to date! Conventions change every few years. For instance, it’s now no longer standard to put “references available upon request”.
  • Talk about duties and results: Put your duties in paragraph form and your results in bullet points. Separating the two gives your hiring manager an easy way to skim for your achievements.
  • Get some help with proofreading: Avoiding typos is crucial. However, after you’ve read over your resume time and time again, you start losing track of what might be wrong with it. Get an extra set of eyes to look it over.

Common CV Mistakes Help

You know your value. However, a potential employer won’t unless you show them. Make sure your resume is perfect, and you’ll have an incredibly strong starting position for job application. You owe it to yourself to have a stunning resume that will get you the callbacks that you deserve. So it’s always a good idea to ask help from affordable resume writing services.

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