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What Makes a Successful Resume?

How can you make your resume successful and exemplary? The best way is to make sure you’re professional yet unique and you show that you’re irreplaceable. But this is a difficult balance to strike. How can you tell that you’re changing enough from the standard template without doing too much? Here are our professional suggestions.

Five Creative Resume Ideas

These five tips will make sure that you look different and interesting and unique without being strange or embarrassing when creating your resume.

You’ll find your distinctiveness increases if you pay attention to these factors:

  • Use color

You don’t want to overdo it, but a subtle pop of color in a resume, such as a border or a single font style, could mean you’re no longer simply another black and white drop in the pile. To avoid going over the top, use conservative colours, chosen carefully to coordinate, and don’t use too many of them.

For example, you could use lists, like this:

  1. Achieved 20% increase in sales

Which you could echo in the header, like this: Jane Doe, Top Sales Associate.

These two subtle uses of blue combined will give you a bit of an extra pop without being too much. Do be careful, though – some industries are more conservative than others.

  • Use different fonts

Using two or three different fonts in tasteful quantities will make your resume easier to read and more pleasant to look at. You’ll have to do a little research into typography to do this well, but if you’re using Microsoft Word, the theme fonts will help. Tip: use contrasting fonts. For instance, if you do the body in a sans serif font like Verdana, make your headers a serif font like Cambria.

Here’s an example of a job listing using this format.

The University Writing Center, El Paso, Texas

Responsibilities: tutoring students, giving presentations, correcting papers.

Note: there’s a balance of bold, italic, and plan typeface here, too. You want to make sure you use bold and italics for differentiation, but don’t use too much. Aim for main body text or anything in bullet points to be plain, and headers or job descriptions to be italicized.

  • Make achievements clear, but don’t forget responsibilities

When listing your previous work experience, try to keep your duties in a small list just under the job itself. Your employers need to know what you did at your job. After those, list your achievements in bullet points so they can be easily skimmed. Be as specific as you can with these achievements. Using concrete statistics is a really great idea – you can even put in graphs or other visuals if you have space!

  • Tailor it for each job

Most people have a standard resume they hand in to each job. Don’t do this. Instead, look at each job you’re applying for and change your resume around a bit to make it suit the position. What are they looking for? Subtly alter your accomplishments to emphasize the qualities they want. Tell the truth, of course, but you can spin one thing many ways. What you’re going to do is spin your resume for each job.

  • Proofread carefully

Granted, this one doesn’t sound very glamorous, but it’s one of the most important things you can do. Typos, bad grammar, and spelling mistakes are simply instant no’s for most employers. You need to look professional, polished, and competent. Even a small mistake can instantly dissolve that impression. So what can you do? Get someone else to proofread it for you and check out resume history. They’ll catch the stuff you couldn’t since you’re so used to your own work.

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Why Get a Great Resume?

The resume is one of the most important parts of your job hunt. It’s your one and only chance to make a striking first impression. Make it amazing or hire cheap resume writers to do so, and you’re so much more likely to get a callback. Now that you know these helpful tips, go forth and get a great job.

If you are serious about getting a resume that stands out, contact us and let us work our magic!